Welcome to Data Visualization

This page aims to give a first overview of the vast topic that is DATA VISUALIZATION.


Here you can find an introductory section about what data visualization is all about, what you have to keep in mind before you start being creative. This page also provides a collection of blogs (see Daily Inspiration for more) concerning data visualization, a list compiling works from the IST library you can loan (see A Good Read for more) and also a list of tools that are used for creating data visualization (This list is not intended to be exhaustive).


We are always looking forward to extend the collection of visualizations on this page – so if you want your visualization to be featured here, please contact us via library@ist.ac.at.


If you have any suggestions about improving this page, content-wise or other, go right ahead and send us a message: library@ist.ac.at or reply to this entry with a comment below.